Scholarly articles most often retracted because of fraud

In a recent blog post on The Curious Wavelength, Ashutosh Jogalekar writes about a recent study of why papers in the life sciences have been retracted – he writes:

Researchers from the University of Washington, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the firm MediCC! analyze retracted papers from 1977 onwards and investigate the reasons for their retractions. The authors focus on papers in the life sciences. And they find that about 67% of the 2047 retracted papers owed their retraction to plain old misconduct; only 21% or so can be traced back to error and honest mistakes. The misconduct can come in three forms – outright fraud, plagiarism and duplication. The other piece of bad news is that among these three, fraud contributes the most to the retraction with plagiarism and duplication tagging behind.
Read more here:


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