Some thoughts on Copyright and Open Access

Todd A. Carpenter, Executive Director of the National Information Standards Office (NISO) provides some thoughtful insights at The Scholarly Kitchen into why standards and restrictions can sometimes be good for everyone. Read More:


3 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Copyright and Open Access

  1. What parts did you think were thoughtful?

    Do you think that copyright restrictions can make builders adhere to standards? Do you think copyright restrictions is a sensible and effective tool tp prevent any of the other “potential dangers” Todd mentions?

    • First, his emphasis that copyright is simply not the concern of commercial entities is important – while most creators are concerned with protecting income (and for good reason) some simply want their material left alone – the Greta Garbos of content creation. It also goes to the misconception that if someone is not using your content for a commercial purpose then they are free to use it. Second, the enforcement of standards (through copyright or other means) is often necessary just to keep things running smoothly for the greates good – a Utilitarian argument in favor of copyright if you will. Without some enforcement mechanism you will end up with a balkanized mishmash that is not useful to anyone whether it is open or not – its utility will be compromised by its lack of interoperability which results in “open” but not worth going to. . .

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