Beyond Literacy – An Exercise in Scholarly Communication

Asemic writing gif collaboration from Michael Jacobson and Tony Burhouse (2012)

Beyond Literacy is a unique project by Michael Ridley that explores the possibility of a “post-literate” world. Ridley describes the project, in part, as follows:

From the perspective of a literate person, the idea of a post-literate world seems frightening. It isn’t. At least it needn’t be. Beyond Literacy views this possibility not as some new Dark Age but instead as a kind of liberation of human ability and interaction. Beyond Literacy is about a positive future. Think about it as a search for Alphabet 2.0.

It is an experiment in scholarly communication. This is an “open book” in that it encourages and facilitates wide and diverse contributions. While I am the lead author and there is a core narrative that I have provided, Beyond Literacy has (and will have) numerous other authors, contributors, commentators, and creators. How it evolves over time will depend on this ecology of the interested ~ Michael Ridley.

Thank you to Alkek Library Director, Joan Heath, for recommending this site to the Roundup. Read more here:



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