3 Strikes Copyright Alert System and the Regulatory Revolving Door

Just read this humorous/depressing piece from Copyfight on the lousy coverage on the 3 Strikes Copyright Alert Systems (CAS) but more importantly I found its discussion of the revolving door between Washington, specifically the DOJ and the U.S. Copyright Office,  and K Street and its Hollywood overlords – there is nothing new about regulatory capture but it has been more pronounced in the past few decades – I suspect as information becomes the coin of the realm that copyright lobbyist will displace “Big Oil” lobbyist someday as public enemy number one (it seems to be a rotating list).  It seems it would strike people as downright absurd (or maybe corrupt) to allow officials who regulate an industry go to work for that industry after slaving in government for the public (the tragedy) and get high salaried jobs in same industry after said time in the gutter has been served. Here’s an idea – how about we prohibit individuals from working in an industry for say 5 years after they have left a government agency that regulated said industry. Call me crazy.


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