New video from Vice discusses 3D Printing of Guns by Defense Distributed

No matter on which side of the gun control debate you fall on the quickly approaching ability to

3D printed gun part

3D printed gun part

3D print guns at home should be of interest. We have discussed copyright implications of 3D printing and scanning here at the Roundup  before  and while this video from Vice does not discuss those implications it does discuss the disruptive implications of 3D printing in an area that is subject to regulation by both state and federal governments. It will be interesting to see what the response to 3D printing in this particular case will be – will governments (federal, state, or local) be quick to pass legislation/ordinances banning 3D printing of weapons (unlikely and such bans would most likely be difficult enforce). If the actual manufacturing of certain objects will be difficult to enforce what about copyright infringement claims – how would those be enforced if everyone with a computer and an (increasingly cheaper) 3D printer is able to print objects cheaply out of their homes? Here is the link to the Vice video.


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