It’s Wednesday let’s steal some music!

Artist courtesy of Coveralia Musica

Artist courtesy of Coveralia Musica

An interesting post over at Be The Rave on allegations that artist has taken liberties with a mix from the group Mat-zo-artys single “let’s go”.  This is not the first time a mainstream artist has “borrowed” from lesser known Trance groups coming out of Europe – think Flo Rida and Avicii’s Levels track for one – but one has to wonder whether this borrowing has a negative impact  – in the Avicii situation the use of sample by Flo Rida brought attention to the track and the notice of millions of more listeners to Avicci – of course fans will argue that it is a matter of artistic reputation but the bottom line for any business (and music and art are businesses if you want to keep doing them) is a steady stream of revenue and listners equals cash flow.  So, I guess my question is does stealing sometimes benefit not only the thief but also the one robbed? – we see the free wheeling borrowing that goes on in the fashion world with little dent in creativity or profits. Maybe the music industry could benefit from a little more borrowing?


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