Friday Fun: Supersize Mario Brothers

imagesCA7UQN5FIn a piece from Ryan Voght at Slate,  Voght argues that the recent recreation in full detail of the original Mario Brothers game should be taken down immediately despite the fact that it is wildly popular and the fact that it has been 28 years since the game was first created. I know those two fact have no legal validity in an argument on copyright but in the real world of entertainment business they are everything as HBO might tell you with its show Game of Thrones being the most  pirated show in television history. I completely disagree with Voght from both a business perspective and philsophical perspective – everything we see points to allowing your copyrighted material to be used freely (especially after 28 damn years) – it not only allows material to be used in creative new ways but as we have seen time and time again it benefits the original creator.  On this Friday of Open Access Week let’s hope that the cease and desist letters cease and desist for at least one brief moment.


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