Punk rock band Green Day does not violate copyright of artist with use of painting in video – transformative uses continue!

Green DayNinth Circuit Court of Appeals rules that the punk rock band Green Day did not violate artist’s copyright in painting by displaying painting in video. Read more here at the 1709 Blog.


Prince and a Dancing Baby may save Fair Use

ImageIs it possible that the Purple Prince and a dancing baby may expand and even save the concept of fair use? –  well maybe not but at least this DMCA take-down case has an interesting cast of characters and for the record we love dancing babies, Prince (despite his views on copyright), and Fair Use here at the Roundup – read more here at Ars Technica.

Victory for Fair Use in breaking DRM in Streaming and DVD But a No Go on Blue Ray

Patricia Aufderheide, Co-director of the Center for Social Media writes about a victory for fair use with respect to the recent rulings by the Copyright Office on allowing breaking of DRM in DVDs and streaming video for non-commercial uses and expanding the category of those who can take advantage of the ruling to K-12 educators. Read more here.